Health and fitness is a very important aspect of my life, it always has been and always will be. So interested I went and did a course to be a qualified trainer before I had even finished college late last year. The fear of not gaining my tertiary school certificate, due to school work over load combined with completing studies as a Personal Trainer had me worried, A LOT.

During this time my own training routine became inconsistent and poor eating habits arised. I went  from training  5-6 days a week to not training at all and eating sugary, high fat, processed rubbish. I gained weight, felt uncomforatable, unhappy, low self esteem, low confidence, very moody/ emotional, lacking sleep and low in energy. Hello adrenal fatigue!  My stress levels had reached boiling point, i felt ‘burnt out’ and emotionally found it hard to cope.  From there it felt like I was running down hill at a rapid speed.

Just recently I hit a wall..

I became a personal trainer because I am highly motivated, energetic, and want to help others live a healthy and active lifestyle yet I here I am doing the complete opposite. Lack of motivation. Little energy. Not helping other reach there potential because I am not running on optimal health myself.

It’s time to make a lifestyle change..

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows sometime you have to exeprience something yourself to know what it really feels like. I  now understand that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than nutrition and exercise. After going through some ups and downs myself I feel emotional and mental health is extremely important. I am blessed to have an amazing brother who has helped me get back on track to reaching my goals.

I believe if my mind is happy and healthy my body will follow, therefore I am implementing small good habits daily to lay down the foundations and build my wall back up.


Friday 18th May


A. Bsq @ 30X1, 80% effort x5x2; rest 2min

42.5kg, 45kg

B. FS @ 30X1, 80% effort x5x2; rest 2min

30kg, 35kg

C. OHS @ 30X1, 80% effort x5x2; rest 2min

25kg, 30kg 

D. KB bent over row @ 20X0, SLPS, 15,12,9/arm; no rest b/t arms


E. 4 Becks burpees, afap + run sprint 60m @ 100%; rest 2min x4

Notes: A little unsure of loads today so based it on how I was moving with weight

8min Dynamic mobility, end range touches


+ 10 Sets @ easy pace:

Row 10 perfect strokes

Walk 100m


+ 5 Sets @ easy-moderate effort:

1min skipping, mix it up

1min hand stand practice


+ 5 Sets @ easy-moderate effort:

1min light Russian KBS @12kg

1min fwd lunges


+ 8min PNF mobility, 5sec contract + relax 10sec relax + 10sec new range x3-5


+ 8min Static mobility, 40-120sec holds


Notes: Managed to do handstands up against the wall on my own, yay! I was never a kid that did handstands so this is something I am excited to do more of.

A. Clean grip DL @ 30X0, 5reps, 50kg; rest 90sec x3
B.Hang squat clean practice-Tall hang 10/20kg High Hang 5/25kg Below Knee 5/30kg
C. Wall walk practice
D. Airdyne 2min @ 90%; walk rest 8min x3
0.55m/19 clas, 50m/18 cals, 51m/19cals

More hip mobility needed.
Set bottom position of DL(chest up, bum dwn) controlled every rep. I find this position uncomfortable like my femur is jamming my hip.
I felt the shrug and dropping under hang squat clean was explosive, I am working more on hip mobility to help squat.
Airdyne: Went into 2mins @ 90% blind, didn’t know pace/speed to hold. Felt like I didn’t get the stimulus. I now have a bench mark for future reference.

Monday May 14th


A. Seated behind neck strict press @ 3010, 3/26kg,2/27kg,1/30kg; rest 3min 

B  WTD, 5sec Negative pronated pull up cluster @, 1.1.1; rest 2min x3, 5kg, 6kg, 6kg

C. Single leg back ext @ 2010, 10reps; rest 1min b/t legs x3

D. FLR on rings, AMSAP- 1:54

Notes: Last couple of reps of WTD pronated pull ups @6kg I felt fatigued. Progression and constant improvement is the aim. I am glad I stepped it up and challenged myself from last week using 4kg.

Saturday 12th


Saturday 6am Training :

3 Sets: 6 Thrusters @ 22.5kg

Row 90sec @ 80% aerobic effort

Rest 2min

3 Sets: AMRAP strict K2E  8-11-11  (Grip limiting factor 1st set.)

Run 300m @ 80% aerobic effort

Rest 2min

3 Sets: 30sec Bear crawl

1min Med ball passes 6kg

Rest 1min


7:15-8am Mobility: 

  • Thoracic rotation- dowel
  • Upper back-roller
  •  Shoulder Band stretch
  •  TFL love with a ball (this is the first time a actually felt sick doing this.. errr it was gross therefore I need to focus on scheduling more mobility in my own training routine)

Sunday 13th

Rest Day- 40min EZ walk

Training update


Wed 9th- 

10min Dynamic mobility, end range touches

+ 8 Sets @ easy pace and as a group: 40sec walk 20sec run

+ 8min @ easy-moderate effort: 1min skipping, mix it up 1min hand stand practice

+ 8min @ easy-moderate effort: 1min rowing @ heavy dampner 1min alternating fwd lunges

+ 10min PNF mobility, 5sec contract + relax 10sec relax + 10sec new range x3-5

+ 10min Static mobility, 40-120sec holds


Thurs 10th- Mid morning Walk Mt Ainslie

Fri 11th- Mid day 35min walk EZ

Evening Strength + Alactic training

A.OHS @ 20/22.5/25kg, 5reps @ 33X3; rest 2min

B. DB bicep curls @ 1010, rest 90sec

8reps/9kg, 8reps/10kg, 3R +3 clustered 2L + 4 clustered/ 12kg KB (alternated, clutered sets eccentric)

C. 6 Becks burpees, afap + 80m Run sprint @ 97% effort; walk back rest x6

set1: buy in  set2: about 80% effort 3rdset: killed it 4th, 5th, 6th set: sprint speed decreased

Notes: Felt great to lift something heavy overhead the tempo was challenging. Stoked I can still get in the bottom position of the squat. Looking forward to training tomorrow 6am.



Monday 7th
Mid morning: walk up Mt. Ainslie
Evening: Strength session @ B32 Athletics.
Interesting how my ability to engage the correct muscle group is far lower and less controlled due to lack of consistently with training.

Training my mind to train my muscles!

Tuesday 8th
Mid morning: 1hr leisurely walk & sunshine around the lake